Hit, Run, and Caught

I live in Boulder, Colorado, but I often read about accidents that occur around the country. This sounds grim, but it comforts me to hear about the stories of others who have gone through something similar to me. It’s not common to find people in my community who can relate to being hit by a car on their bicycle. Yes, car accidents happen often, but I prefer to read about these stories from afar, because I feel this weird sense of connection. Maybe it’s all in my head, but it helps me.

Yesterday, I was scrolling through the Baton Rouge news and I read about a hit-and-run case. A man hit a woman head-on with his car on the highway. Her vehicle flipped three times, landed in the ditch, and the man drove away. Can you believe that?! He left her in the ditch to die and drove off, hoping he wouldn’t get caught for his crime. Thankfully, she didn’t die. A good Samaritan found her and called an ambulance, but she was in bad shape. 

Recovery and Research

The woman’s injuries were too severe to focus on anything but recovery at first, but her case had become a public spectacle. Everyone in town was searching for the man who hit her. If the police could find the man, he would face both criminal and civil charges. A Baton Rouge car accident lawyer felt the need to help her when he heard about her situation on the news.

As she focused on recovery, the lawyer began investigating her case. He gathered all the evidence he could find, including photographs from the wreck, the police report, and witness testimonies. Unfortunately, none of this evidence helped identify the driver. What the attorney found at the scene, however, was a fragment from the colliding driver’s car. When the driver hit the woman, the collision caused him to lose pieces of his bumper.

The lawyer used these fragments to identify the car of the driver. After contacting repair shops in the Baton Rouge area, the attorney found the man. He was first charged criminally for leaving the scene of the accident and then charged civilly for gross negligence. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Impress Me

I’m continually impressed by personal injury lawyers throughout the country. This lawyer, in particular, went above and beyond for his client. The woman was so severely injured that she couldn’t pursue a lawsuit on her own, but with the help of her attorney, she received the settlement she deserved and they put her assailant behind bars. I’m sure she feels exceedingly grateful in the same way that I do.

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